Institutional real estate

The world of real estate finance and investment is one of the traditional areas of expertise of THIBIERGE NOTAIRES.

Each case is handled by an experienced team using work techniques adapted to customer requirements.

International clients account for an increasingly large fraction of our notarial activities.
THIBIERGE NOTAIRES is a central place where real estate players such as insurance companies, banks and international funds meet to implement their operations.

The teams established for the needs of each case are based on simple requirements: speed, availability and quality of the advice given and the documents provided to formalise it.


To respond to the particular pace of advisory activity with institutional international clients, THIBIERGE NOTAIRES has built up teams that are both substantial and mobile.


Banks, management companies, insurance companies and large listed real estate companies trust us.


The Institutional Real Estate sector is managed by 6 associate notaries:

Maîtres Julien Miara, Olivier Valard, Laura De Flers, Cécile Franchois and Pauline Rossi.

The teams bring together around fifty employees.