Access to Espace Notarial

Espace Notarial is a powerful tool allowing notaries to manage online every type of case regardless of its complexity or the number and status of the stakeholders (private individuals, professionals, notaries, etc.).

"Thibierge, Notaires" has invested heavily in the development of this tool and continues to enrich it whenever a case calls for new functionalities or added capacity.

"Thibierge, Notaires" systematically invites or advises clients to use Espace Notarial in order to optimise service quality, particularly:

  • to ensure the highest degree of confidentiality and traceability in the case of electronic datarooms and complex real estate transactions;
  • to manage complex successions involving many parties;
  • as a collaborative working tool allowing group members to exchange data or work together on a case, etc.

    The Espace Notarial service is accessible through the following link:

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Our discount rates

Law 2015-990 of 6 August 2015 on growth, activity and equal economic opportunities offers notaries the possibility to grant discounts when their fee is determined in proportion to the value of a property or right, within the limit of the maximum discount rate imposed by decree (Article R. 444-10 –I and -II.), and provided the assessment basis for this fee exceeds a threshold imposed by government order (Article 444-174).

In accordance with the applicable legal texts, "Thibierge, Notaires" has decided to apply discounts under the terms and conditions of the note below.

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