Areas of expertise

Real estate finance - Banking law

The notaries of the “Thibierge, Notaires” Office enjoy extensive experience in real estate financing and banking law. Their experience helps make the firm a major player in the highly complex real estate financing market.

Thibierge’s real estate financing activity breaks down into two areas of expertise:

  • Real estate leasing;
  • Mortgage financing.

    Maître Hervé Sarazin, the partner supervising the real estate leasing teams, explains that “the Office has always occupied a special position in these two sectors owing to the pioneering initiatives of some of our illustrious predecessors, such as Georges Daublon, and the high regard of leading banking groups for our institution."

With about forty employees, the Real Estate Financing activity is part of Thibierge’s Economic Affairs department.

The finance and banking is managed by three Notaries : Maître Eric Bailleul, responsible for mortgage financing, Maître Hervé Sarazin and Maître Olivier Valard, responsible for real estate leasing.

The team also includes three notaries.