Areas of expertise

Real estate development - Building construction

Assistance and advice for “city builders” are an important historic activity of "Thibierge, Notaires".

Property division, off-plan property sales and the law in joint ownership are just a few examples of the influence exerted by the notaries of Rue d'Astorg on the development and protection of real estate,” says Maître Jean-Christophe Chaput, the partner in charge of this department.

Not only leading promoters have established their headquarters at 9, Rue d'Astorg, but also large developers, “including the administrative establishment responsible for the development of the La Défense district near Paris" adds Maître Julien Miara, inter alia responsible for service to this establishment.

It is therefore no surprise that our Office has also been chosen to assist with the development of the Grand Paris structure.

A large team is dedicated to promotion, construction and development.

Under the supervision of three partners, Maître Jean-Christophe Chaput, Maître Jacques-Laurent Renucci and Maître Julien Miara, complemented by five salaried notaries, the team dedicated to this clientele consists of about sixty employees.